About JP Logistics

Under a single roof, both Healthcare and CPG products

JP Logistics has built relationships with established trustworthy shipping companies over the course of the course, who understand the laws, methods, and dynamics of secure, safe, and effective shipping of products across India. Among our clients are pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, health care providers, and other wholesalers.

JP logistics is the sister company of Patwari Pharma. As we take away all the needless pressure from your shoulders, the JP Logistics’ Experienced & Committed team assists our partners to concentrate on their core business. With excellent services and high-quality pharmaceuticals, we are the top-rated medicine supplier company in India. We are dedicated to improving the quality of the healthcare industry by supplying medicine providers and pharmacy distributors with the widest range of pharmaceutical products. JP Logistics carries a full line of pharmaceutical items that are ready for immediate delivery across India, including medicines, vaccines, injectables, and surgical.

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